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Recipient Rights

ORR stands for Office of Recipient Rights. This office is mandated into existence by a law known as the Michigan Mental Health Code (MMHC) for any Community Mental Health Service Program (CMHSP), Licensed Private Hospital/Unit (LPH/U), or state-operated psychiatric facility. Its primary function is to ensure that the rights of recipients of mental health services, guaranteed under the MMHC, are protected. This is done through investigation, monitoring and prevention.

Q. Who is required to abide by the MMHC law?
A. Any CMHSP, LPH/U or state psychiatric hospital employee or their contract providers.

Q. What form do I use to file a complaint?
A. Recipient Rights Complaint Form

Q. What is expected of staff when a rights investigation is initiated?
A. All direct operation or contract provider staff must cooperate fully with a rights investigation as a condition of their employment.

Q. Do employees have any appeal rights under the MMHC with regard to ORR investigative findings?
A. Not at this time.

Q. What if I report a violation and then my employer retaliates against me?
A. It is prohibited for someone to retaliate or harass against the reporter.  A person who has been harassed or retaliated against can also pursue their grievance through the Whistleblower Protection Act.

Q. Why do recipients of mental health services get “extra rights”?
A. A recipient does not receive “extra rights” they have protected rights.  Protected rights are provided to those who receive public mental health services.

Recipient Rights
Rights Complaints and Dispute Resolution



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