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Quality Management and Contract Services

The Quality Management Department encompasses activities directed at ensuring that standards of staff, program and management performance exist, that compliance with them is assessed and that ongoing improvements are introduced and assessed.  The components of Quality Management include:


  • Developing and maintaining an effective quality assessment and improvement program that meets MDHHS and other requirements.

  • Standard setting, which includes performance expectations for both clinical and management programs and ensuring that there are adequate standards in place for credentialing/re-credentialing, eligibility for services, and practice guidelines.

  • Conducting performance assessments, which include the collection and analysis of performance data, stakeholder surveys on their perception of service quality and performance improvement projects.

  • Conducting on-site monitoring of services and providers within the provider network.

  • Managing outside agency review processes such as MDHHS site reviews, PIHP reviews and accrediting body reviews.

  • Providing oversight of the adequacy of staff and provider education and training.  

  • Analyzing critical incidents and sentinel events.
Q.  Why does the KCMHSAS complete reviews of our clinical records, claims and organization every year?  
A.  The State and Federal Government state that KCMHSAS will be accountable and oversee subcontractors and will monitor the subcontractor’s performance on an ongoing basis (42 CFR & PIHP Contract).

Q.  Why do I have to complete Incident Reports?
A.  MDHHS requires KCMHSAS to follow-up on all sentinel events and critical incidents that put people at risk of harm and to report specific events directly to MDHHS.   The CMHSP also uses this information to make system improvements.  

Q.  What do I need to do if I someone I am providing services to dies?
A.  The Death Report explains what the provider needs to do and contains a copy of the forms to be completed.  

Q.  Why do Children’s Therapists need to complete 24 hours of Children’s Training?
A.  MDHHS requires all mental health professionals who work with children to complete 24 hours of children specific training annually and suggests that no more than 8 hours be completed electronically (Children’s Diagnostic and Treatment Services Program).

Q.  Why does KCMHSAS require annual trainings for providers?  
A.  To promote quality services and desired outcomes for persons served and to meet State and Federal requirements.  Training requirements are specified in the contract signed with in Section 2.2 of the contract agreement.


Quality Improvement --- Performance Indicators


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