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The finance department manages everything to do with the flow of money through the agency, including the billing processes.  Finance ensures, among other things, that KCMHSAS providers are paid for the services they provide at the correct time, in the correct amount, and from the correct funding sources.


Q.  Who do I contact if I have problems getting my claim paid?
A.   If you have problems or questions about claims, please contact the financial analyst associated with your population.  KCMHSAS has financial analysts who  specialize in each population (MIA, I/DD, SED, SUD).  Just call 553-8000 and ask to talk to your population analyst.

Q.  How do I appeal a denied claim?
A.  See Provider Grievance and Appeals (non-clinical) -- Policy -- Appeal Form

Financial Management Claims Management -- Ability to Pay (ATP)
Grievance and Appeals --  Procedure




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