Provider Manual

Provider Network Management
The Provider Network is the entire body of people, clinics, hospitals and agencies that KCMHSAS contracts with to help it achieve its mission. The local healthcare providers that KCMHSAS contracts with provide all services that are not directly provided by KCMHSAS staff. KCMHSAS values its strong and diverse network of providers and is constantly working to increase the networks strength and to fill in any gaps in its service array.


Q. I was denied payment for a service that I provided to a KCMHSAS consumer.  
A. You can file an appeal on any denial. Complete this form Provider Appeal and submit it for review.  

Q.  As part of contract compliance, I was asked to fill out a “Plan of Correction.”
A.  Use this Plan of Correction to submit to your response.  

Q.  Where can I find out about required trainings for my agency and staff?
A.  This Training Requirement Chartlays out who needs to take what trainings and when.  

Q.  What kind of monitoring processes and reviews will I be subject to as a KCMHSAS provider?
A.  This Provider Monitoring Matrix explains the kind of reviews and monitoring you can expect.  

Q.  What qualifications or credentials do I need to have to provide a particular service, like psychotherapy or case management, to a consumer?
A. The Michigan PIHP/CMHSP Provider Qualifications Per Medicaid Services & HCPCS/CPT Codes spells out what is required by the Michigan Mental Health Code.  


Provider Network Management Policy

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