Services for Youth and Families at KCMHSAS

The staff of KCMHSAS Youth and Family Services believes that families and youth are equal partners in identifying and developing services. The needs, strengths, beliefs, and culture of families and youth determine what services are provided. Specifically, we believe in providing services that are youth-guided, family-driven, community-based, trauma informed and culturally and linguistically responsive.


Some of the Services Available Include:

  • Assessments including psychological, psychiatric, developmental, and neuropsychological
  • Therapy including individual, group, and family sessions
  • Case management and supports
  • Coordination to help youth and families receive necessary services
  • Parent and youth led supports, which connect youth and families to people who have had similar life experiences
  • Respite care
  • Community living supports to promote positive behavior and improve overall health
  • Juvenile justice assessments and screenings for the 9th Circuit Court’s Family Division
  • Crisis intervention
  • Infant mental health early intervention program
How do I receive services? The first step to receiving services is to contact our Access Center. The staff at the Access Center will do an initial screening to determine what services you qualify for and connect you to those services.

Cost for services Fees are based upon your ability to pay or your health insurance coverage. While no one is denied services based on their financial situation, there may be a waiting list in place to receive non-Medicaid covered services.